This is an ever-growing, quixotic, erratic, never-completed list of greeting card designers, most of them in the UK, that I have put together because from time to time I like to go and look at what other makers are doing and I think ‘they should be on a list’.

Note: All these links are clickable and will open on a new page or tab.

A Is For Alphabet

Alice Tams

Alice Palace

Always Sparkle

Angie Beal Designs

Anna Victoria

Anna Wright

Art Angels

Art Press

Becky McCarthy Studio

Bellybutton Designs

Berni Parker

Bexy Boo Designs

Birds The Artist

Black Olive

Blue Duck

Blue-eyed Sun

Brainbox Candy

Cath Tate

Catherine Kleeli

Catherine Pain

Cherith Harrison

Cinnamon Aitch


Corrina Rothwell (now selling her paintings only)

Coulson Macleod

Dandelion Jack

Dandelion Stationery

Deckled Edge

Eloise Hall

Emma Ball

Emma Bryan

Flying Twigs

Gabriella Izen

Georgia Breeze

Green Pebble

Hannah Longmuir

Hatty Boots

Holy Mackerel

Icon Art

I Drew This

Jessica Hogarth Designs

Joanne Wishart

Kali Stileman

Kate Guest

Katherine Kleeli

Lizzie Chancellor

Lizzie Prints

Lola Design Ltd

Lorraine Stylianou

Louise Mulgrew

Lucy Monkman

Megan Claire

My Design Collections

My Gorgeous Cards And Gifts

Nineteen Seventy Three

Oh Deer

Olivia Goddard

Olive and Belle


Paper Rose

Paper Salad

Paper Sole

Paper Whale

Penguin Ink

Perkins and Morley

Pippi and Me

Red Berry Cards

Rhys McArdle

Rose Hill Designs

Ryland Studios


Sarah Kelleher

Sarah Maddox

Scott and Robson (now Jo Scott Art)

1790 Cards

Simon Fraser Photography

Some Ink Nice

Stop The Clock

Tache Crafts

Two Beans

Vanilla Lab

White Cotton Cards


Wrendale Designs

12 January 2021
Doing a bit of housekeeping and checking the list – and here are the names of some that have disappeared at least under their own domain since I started this list in the year dot.

A Made Hand
Angie Beal Designs (now on Etsy)
Blue Island Press
Church Mouse Press
Curious Pencil
Ilustris Publishing
Just A Little Note
Liz And Pip
Lorraine Stylianou