Pinterest: Read The Manual!

A birthday card with a Herdwick ram with long fleece and magnificent horns – and a speech bubble and text ‘Happy Birthday’.

Read the manual, or in the case of Pinterest, read the Pin Builder page for recommendations. And did I do that until now? No, I didn’t.

Am I going to follow the recommendations from now on? I am. Why would I not? But then, why did I never read the recommendations before? Well partly because to get to the Pin Builder page you have to click a link, and also I don’t recall being on-boarded by Pinterest with this useful information.

One thing I do know is that I am not going to go back and add a minimum of 40 characters to the titles of all the pins that I have made previously. It is just too much. It is the epitome of a tedious way to drive oneself nuts.

So, for anyone posting to Pinterest. Look at the Pin Builder page and from there you will see:

Maximize engagement with high quality pins.

Follow these recommendations to achieve the highest quality pins.

1000wide x 1500 tall or bigger
Title Length 40 – 100 characters
Description Length 100 + characters
Have a destination link

540 wide by 960 tall or larger

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Selling: The Problem In A Crowded Space

Marketplaces are good places to sell because people come there. The visitors may not find you in amongst all the other marketplace sellers, but at least they are coming to the marketplace.

Selling from your our own site means you have flexibility and the possibility to stand out and look better than the competition. But then you might struggle to get people to come to you at all. How do they even know you are there?

So it’s a numbers game. The question is, is it better to be in a marketplace where you have a hard time making your design stand out or is it better to have a design that stands out but struggle to get people to come to you at all?

Shopify and all the other SAAS providers are the worst of both worlds in some ways. You build your site on their platform, but then you are on your own, as anonymous as if you had self-hosted your site.

Instagram and FaceBook shops seem like a good idea, but are they like crashing the party for people who are looking to socialise, not to buy?

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Posting From The UK To The EU: The New Rules

Since 29 December, EU countries have become subject to international postage rules as far as the UK is concerned. What this means in practice is that we will need to attach customs declaration forms on all packages we send outside of the UK. However, if you’re sending from Northern Ireland to the EU or Great Britain, customs forms are not required.

The rules around posting abroad have changed. Customers posting from England, Scotland and Wales will have to attach customs declaration forms to all items containing gifts or goods being sent abroad, including to EU destinations.

For items worth up to £270, we will have to include a completed and signed CN22 customs label. However, there are two different CN22 labels that have the same content. For tracked items there is a CN22 you can download and print. But the label for International Standard or Economy services carries a barcode and is available only in Post Office branches. That means a trip to the Post Office to send a parcel containing a gift, a commercial sample, returned goods, documents, or goods for sale. Or perhaps it only involves one trip to the Post Office to ask your Post Office branch to give you a bunch of barcoded CN22 labels.

For items worth more than £270 there is a different customs form CN23, which has got fields for weight, number of items, value, type, etc. like a ParcelForce form.

If we were to send good abroad tracked, then it pays to know the category of goods being sent because the form asks for it. The list is on the World Customs Organization site and for paper goods under section X it is either #48 or #49

#48 Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard: 1048-2017E

#49 Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry; manuscripts, typescripts and plans: 1049-2017E

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