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This post stays at the top – the first thing you see when you come here. This site is an ‘extra’ to Flying Twigs, our e-commerce shop for greeting cards, posters, and framed prints. It’s extra because we post articles here that are a bit off the track for the main site.  As for this moment…

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Checkout Friction

With a creative product, the first thing that happens at the checkout is that the emotional brain says that you want the product. It’s pure emotion. And if we go ahead and buy it, then afterwards our logic brain steps it. It will tell us why it was a good idea that we bought the…

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Selling On

You may wonder what you can and cannot do when if you want to sell something on A basic site on is free, and you cannot sell anything on a basic site. That is, you cannot add a button for a potential customer click to complete the buying process. But there are paid…

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What Is The Best Place To Start Selling Online?

There are so many different options for selling online that it can make your head spin. What is the best place to start selling online? Starting on someone else’s platform is the easiest route. It’s the easiest because you don’t have to understand, build, host, or secure anything. It is all done for you. All…

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Greeting Cards

We use card-stock with a surface inside that takes ink without smudging, for trouble free writing. We use card stock that is crisp, with a nice snap. And we have our cards printed by printers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which means they use sustainable, recycled materials and do not use fibres from illegally logged trees.

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