A birthday card with a Herdwick ram with long fleece and magnificent horns – and a speech bubble and text ‘Happy Birthday’.

Read the manual, or in the case of Pinterest, read the Pin Builder page for recommendations. And did I do that until now? No, I didn’t.

Am I going to follow the recommendations from now on? I am. Why would I not? But then, why did I never read the recommendations before? Well partly because to get to the Pin Builder page you have to click a link, and also I don’t recall being on-boarded by Pinterest with this useful information.

One thing I do know is that I am not going to go back and add a minimum of 40 characters to the titles of all the pins that I have made previously. It is just too much. It is the epitome of a tedious way to drive oneself nuts.

So, for anyone posting to Pinterest. Look at the Pin Builder page and from there you will see:

Maximize engagement with high quality pins.

Follow these recommendations to achieve the highest quality pins.

1000wide x 1500 tall or bigger
Title Length 40 – 100 characters
Description Length 100 + characters
Have a destination link

540 wide by 960 tall or larger

Posted by:David Bennett