First class stamp going up 9p, from 76p to 85p. That’s a big increase in what is already an amount that would give many people pause before splashing out on a stamp. Second class stamp going up 1p from 65p to 66p. That’s such a small rise that no one will object, but second class stamps send a message that you are either a business or that you don’t care – so for social relationships, it is first class or nothing.

OK, well 85p isn’t what it used to be.

Saturday collection and deliveries are ending. Suppose you sell B2C. At the moment, you can send a card out to a customer seven days a week, but Royal Mail will only pick up six days a week and deliver six days a week. After January 1st it will be five days a week. That’s a 16% reduction in availability, with a consequent 20% per cent reduction in attractiveness when we advertise ‘Order by 2:00PM Monday to Friday for same-day dispatch.’

That is, from January 1st a customer is going to calculate that they won’t get the card until Monday anyway, so really the only days that are going to result in him/her getting the card the next day is if he/she orders Monday to Thursday – that’s a 20% reduction in attractiveness.

Of course, not everyone wants the card asap, but for those that do then in this world of ‘always on’ with everything, making a service less available is doubly painful.

Posted by:David Bennett

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