This is said ironically. I have been posting images of greeting cards, one at a time – to Flying Twigs on Pinterest, to our brand page on Twitter, and to our brand page on LinkedIn.

I do four or five about once a week – and it will take months to post them all. So it’s a long job to do manually – and that’s what I mean tongue in cheek by saying: ‘This will be fun’

It’s not fun at all when I look at the whole task, but the actual doing of the individual pins is easy and pleasant enough.

I thought about hiring someone to do it, or using a paid-for solution like Tailwind.

With Tailwind you can schedule pins to be posted over a period. I used it once before and it confused the heck out of me. And it’s a paid platform. On the other hand, you can now also post to Instagram with it. So that is maybe a reason to use it.

On the other hand (running out of hands, here) it looks like maybe Instagram is going to open up a bit more and allow ‘shoppable’ products right from the app without having to have either a Shopify or BigCommerce account and without importing a Facebook catalogue. I am not sure why that is another reason not to use Tailwind beyond that it feels like I should not start a juggernaut rolling.

Once upon a time I imported our catalogue to Facebook and that too was confusing. More than that, it to felt like I had started up a juggernaut that would just continue on its own way no matter how much I tried to steer it. So I stopped it.

Listening to Andy Lambert of ContentCal, I think that Facebook / Instagram are beginning to recognise that they need to allow more freedom to sellers or they will lose them.

Posted by:David Bennett

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