You may remember years ago in card shops when they didn’t present cards in plastic wrappers. You found the cards you wanted and if you were lucky, the envelopes for it were stacked behind that card design.

If the envelopes weren’t there you would hunt along the shelves to find the envelope that fitted your card. You might find a lavender-coloured envelope three shelves along, but you wanted a white one. So you hunted until you found one.

If you didn’t find one, you might ask the shop assistant to help you. He or she might open a drawer below the shelves and root around in there.

One thing, there were some cards you would not buy because they were dog-eared. The same with some of the envelopes. After all, how could you show you cared when the thing you sent was dog-eared?

Plastic wrappers solved those problems.

Now fast forward to today, with more environmental awareness. Now card designers are thinking it is time to move to a more eco-friendly solution to the dog-eared card and the missing envelope in your local card shop.

I got a sample of the new Kard Klasp product from the Windles Group. The idea is to be able to do away with the plastic wrapper using a small piece of self-seal paper that we would wrap around the open end of the card, with the envelope inside the card. The Klasp is about 10x100mm (about a third of an inch by four inches) and the idea is that greeting card designers would order these in bulk personalised with their own branding.

My brief experience with the samples is as follows.

The Klasp kept the card/envelope in place, so that’s good.

The reality is that once we’d decided where the Klasp goes (middle of the open side of the card, near the top of the open side of the card, somewhere near the bottom outer side, etc.) we are not going to move it to accommodate different card designs.

So whereas the Klasp might be OK on one card design, it could obscure the design on other card designs, so not so good. Not good because we are not going to have the time to make repeated creative decisions about where to place the Klasp.

I tried pulling a Klasp off a card/envelope combo and it came off intact and didn’t lift any print, so that’s good.

However, peeling the Klasp off the card left little scratch marks on the card from my fingernail trying to get a purchase on the Klasp to lift it off the card, so not so good.

Overall, it’s an idea with some merit, but a lot of work involved as well.

Update 4 June 2019

A couple of people have mentioned that The Imaging Centre as doing something along the same lines, as are Loxely Print and Skeet Print.

Posted by:David Bennett

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