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This site is an ‘extra’ to Flying Twigs, our e-commerce shop where we sell greeting cards, posters, and framed prints.

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Classic Car American Garage T-Shirt

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Classic Car American Garage T-Shirt, Cool Car Mechanic Garage T-Shirt, Classic Garage Auto Repair, Classic Mechanic Automobile Auto T-Shirt

Classic Car T-Shirt
USA Garage T-Shirt
Mechanic T-Shirt
Automobile T-Shirt
Cool Car Mechanic
Classic Automobile
Mechanic On Duty
Classic car lover
Car lover gift
Auto Mechanic Gift
Hardworking car guy
American Garage Tee

Simple Buy Buttons vs E-Commerce

I have been thinking about the limitations of selling on a site like this compared to an e-commerce site running WooCommerce.

With WooCommerce, the stock level is adjusted automatically when an item is sold. But this site is running on just a simple ‘Buy’ button, so it is possible someone could buy a product after the product had sold out.

That’s a problem one never gets with made-to-order products because one never runs out of stock. And if it were not for COVID it wouldn’t be a problem here either. In normal times I could get extra cards printed at a local printer to make up any shortfall. But we are in the midst of a pandemic, so that avenue is blocked.

Of course the simple answer is to get in there and amend the listing as soon as an order comes through – but that may not work. It depends on whether I am able to get to the admin panel in time. I am able to see sales pretty much straight away, so it should work in the short term.

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